Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Christian Life: Over Qualified?

I have heard a lot of phrases in my life, most of them being a means to explain or dismiss something. For example, the phrase, "c'est la vie" - meaning, "such is life" - or "it is what it is" - that is to say, "take it at face value." We say things like, "one for the road" or "podunk" or "cheesy" without even thinking about it. Having heard all these phrases, there is one that I never thought I would hear in regards to my own life - which I heard today by the way - and that is - "he's over qualified." Over qualified? I thought, that's odd, I've never been "over qualified" for anything in my life. But that's exactly what I heard on the other end of the phone.

If you know me, you know that I am a friendly person and if you didn't know my credentials, you'd probably just think that I was a postal worker or maybe a lumber company employee or maybe a low-level civil servant - all jobs that I have held by the way. I've never wanted to flaunt my education or knowledge. I just want to be a regular guy who loves God and neighbor. But the curricula vitae doesn't lie. There it is in black and white: a bachelor's degree, two master's degrees and almost two different doctoral degrees. Sometimes I look at the person on the paper and think, "man, who is this guy?" because it doesn't feel like me.

I am more than I would appear to be on 20lb bond paper. I am flesh and blood with a heart. If I've learned a lot and done a lot, its not because I am looking to flaunt my achievements, its because I want to learn; and I want to learn because I want to know how to help people. So when I hear those fateful words, "you're over qualified" I start the process of introspection. I've never obsessed about salary or power or prestige. I am not a very 'fancy' man at all. I wonder, how can a love of learning make you over qualified?

Soon enough though, I realize it doesn't matter. To be "over qualified" is not my problem, it is theirs. I am who I am. I am what God has and is making me into. Take me or leave me. God says that I am "fearfully and wonderfully made." In light of that opinion; maybe, just maybe, I will someday just be qualified.

Good night dear friends...


  1. Over qualified for what? Drop me an email.


  2. Thank you. This economy especially has made it incredibly hard to find jobs for some (most?), and "overqualified" and "under-qualified" seems to be putting some of us into a state of continual de ja vu...sometimes hearing both of those words in the same day. It is good to be reminded that God thinks we are just "qualified;" otherwise, we wouldn't be where we are...doing what we are doing RIGHT NOW, right?