Friday, February 19, 2010

Little Moments Can Make a Big Difference!

I am making a blogging detour this morning, because, well, just because.

Its been a long three or four months at my house and I'm tired. I go to bed tired and I wake-up tired. I found out this week that some vision problems I've been having are because my prescription has changed. No surprise there. Between you and me, I think its stress related, though my doc thinks its a middle-aged-man-thing. I'll trust her on this one.

Anyway, while seated in an exam chair in almost total silence, waiting for the doc, with my mind racing about all the things that were going on in my life and how so overwhelming the issues are and how tired I am and how much I just want to shut down...something(s) happened.

I smiled. And I giggled. I haven't really smiled and giggled in a while. Too many concerns. Too many things to think about. Too many responsibilities. Too many important decisions coming up. Too much manliness to live up to. So this person walks in to the room, sticks my head into an opthalmobobulator and says, "Look at my nose." And I felt the corners of my mouth turn up with tension in my lips and cheeks, and, I stiffled a giggle. At first I didn't know what was happening. I mean it had been awhile, you know. Not much to smile or giggle about. But in that one moment - a God moment for me - I knew I wasn't alone. I knew things would be OK and I realized that these issues would soon pass.

I don't know if my doc had any real knowledge of my predicament or if it was her intention to do anything other than figure out why I was having a hard time focusing. I know that I had no intention of revealing my inner struggles at that moment. But God always knows and always meets us where we need to be met with just the right touch.

I need little moments of shared joy in my life. I need God moments. We all do.

Listening to the radio the other day I heard someone say, "If you want to change someone, change yourself." Not necessarily a biblical admonition, but a wise one nevertheless. I would suggest to each of you readers today that you provide "little moments of joy" to those around you by purposing that you will be Christ to someone who needs it. Tell someone you care about to "look at my nose" - You never know what will happen.


  1. So I'm not the only one who gets the giggles at the opticians then! Perhaps you should take your wife out on a date? Come on pastor Smith chill out - Texas steaks and a beer all round!

  2. My mother published a small book of poetry titled "God Gives Us Little Moments". It's messages are priceless. I'm sending you a copy. Enjoy. BTW, she was from Texas.


  3. I'm glad you had a chuckle. It's the simple things!