Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Most Powerful Weapon in the World.

Men, it's almost Father's Day, so this blog is for you. Take it to heart. Embrace its message.

In my day to day existence, I run into people all the time that use the "F bomb." For example, "Hey, did you hear that guy over there? He was so angry that he dropped the "F bomb!" Of course, when I mention that phrase, most people understand that I'm talking about a substitute for a commonly understood profanity. When I was a kid growing up, the "F bomb" or "F word" was the "mother of all profanities", the use of which could get you a slap in the face, your mouth washed out with soap or a serious grounding. In other words, its use was simply unacceptable. People of education and culture were reared not to use that word under any circumstances and certainly practicing Christians would not use that word! (Paul in Colossians 3:8, 4:6 and Titus 2:8 addresses the importance of sound, graceful speech to the Christian).

Nevertheless, both non-believers and believers have been found using that word, that "bomb." Not so much in reference to the literal meaning of the word, but as an emphasis, used to 'vent' uncontrollable anger. In other words, someone is really angry if they use the word. It is not a casual conversation word for the most part, but an interjection used to reflect a state of being. Sadly, the word has entered into common usage among all people. We have even become de-sensitized to its use. We don't give it a second thought or at least in many circles it is not given a second thought.

Well you must know, if you know me at all, how much it disturbs me to even write about this word; for it represents all that I stand against - anger, malice, uncontrollable language, the belittling of another person and the denigration of self. Its a word that evokes tremendous sadness, anger and many other feelings. The word has become a weapon in our culture. Although this word is usually uttered by men, it knows no bounds - women will use it too. But must it be this way? Is this word truly the most powerful weapon in our world? Should the use of this word define what it means to be a man in our culture? It sure seems to do so... but is that really what it means to be a man, or a father?

Yet there is another "F bomb" that people should drop - and without doubt - Christians should use constantly. It is a word-act that should define what it means to be a man and a father:

It is the bomb of "forgiveness". Or maybe "balm" of forgiveness!

Forgiveness, without a doubt, is the most powerful, most needed weapon/healing ointment in the world. In a world of hurt, a world of 'grudge holding' and a world of revenge, forgiveness is the only word-act that can change our reality. How can it do this? It can do this because forgiveness, at its heart, is an act of love. Love for God spilling over into a love for others.

Men should learn to love their wives with forgiveness. Father's should learn to love their children with forgiveness. Men should learn to forgive as easily as they have learned to speak in profanities. Why - because profanity only injures our world; forgiveness heals it.

Do you want to change dad? Are you tired of the strife in your family life? Then surrender the profane F-Bomb and exchange it for the balm of forgiveness. It will renovate your heart and bless your life.

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  1. All men should be forced to read this. Right on!