Sunday, June 20, 2010

Before I go...

Yes, its that time again. Time for me to take off on another trek above the Red River. This time I am taking my daughter Hannah with me. We will explore and work together, seeing friends and family in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and beyond (I just pray that there are no hail storms, tornados or like manifestations this time around!).

I think deep inside, I love to travel, to be in different places - to see, do and experience new things. I like the challenge of living and breathing the unfamiliar. It is a challenge that I enjoy and take up whenever I can. I think this is why I enjoy the northwest so much and truly love my visits to the UK. It pushes and challenges me! Somewhere deep inside, I wonder if the same thing drove the apostle Paul? I like seeing a need and meeting it; going in faith and letting God work, wherever I may be!

I enjoy traveling with both of my daughters, but this opportunity with Hannah is special. She is developing her own understanding of God now and I love talking with her about it. She challenges and encourages me. I believe that as much as we shape and rear our children, our children shape us - it is from this process that we both grow and change as human beings. We will work together, swim together, eat together and be on long drives - where we can talk about Jesus, the Spirit, the Bible and other concerns of faith. Of course, we will also talk about ballet, school, friends and root beer!

We will also be discussing upcoming "possibilities." It seems like where God shuts a door, He always opens another, so Hannah and I will have the opportunity to talk and pray about what God has for us next. Truly, Helen Keller was right: Life is a daring adventure...

In the next few months, I am working on my thesis, arrangements, sermons, judging assignments and fall class lectures. I will be diligently helping my new friends at Hillcrest find their way to health as the Body of Christ. But I will also be looking to the future. The Spirit speaks to the heart and I need the quiet to hear a bit better! I know this trip will provide the time, quiet and insight I need to hear from the Father.

All though this might sound disconcerting to some of you, don't let it bother you. I know more than ever that I am where God wants me to be - in the middle of His will. Life is never static, but a journey. God takes us where He wills. Even if you never leave the county in which you live, life with God is a daring adventure. For me, each new friend, student and moment can be an adventure on my journey! I am blessed that I have a family that understands and friends that are supportive.

And so in a few hours, I will leave Brownwood with Hannah on an adventure. Keep us in your prayers as we travel and share. I like adventures and I like nothing more than sharing them with my children and friends. I look forward to sharing with you when I return.

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