Sunday, August 28, 2016

Two Years Later…

It has been two years since my last "Sojourn" post. Sometimes life can be a joy-filled bounce from day to day, week to week and month to month. Most of the time, however, life is a journey filled with difficulty, trials and occasional happiness. In the last four years I have definitely been on a "sojourn." It has been a trial of faith and a test of character. It has seen my health go up and down, as if on a roller coaster ride. I have experienced brutal assaults on my integrity and on my person. What has made these assaults difficult, is that they have been made by people for I cared and trusted. Christians. These assaults have forced me on an unparalleled inward search. I have experienced tremendous theological change during this time. I've understood the 23rd Psalm as never before. It has forced me to confront my Meyers-Briggs type (ENTJ) and learn how to deal with it. It has seen me change professions and search for answers. The one thing I have found is that Christ is always there, and that He is faithful to His call in your life.

Everyone walks through the valley at times. I believe the key is to have faith, do the soul searching that is necessary and seek reconciliation where possible and where received. I claim no special knowledge and no special call. I am simply following Jesus with the gifts that I have been given, and hoping to love as many people with the love of God that I can.

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