Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Poetry of Life (for Lauri)


Hot summers in Bethany
Bicycles to Ripper Park
Hearing the Ice Cream Truck miles away…
The trip to Verden
Anxious twisting
to see my cousins
The hot summers under the pecan trees
hot bread, fried okra
fascinated by the burning trash barrel…
Aunt Bea
Shay and Karen…
grain silos and railroad tracks

A trip to Tulare!
Adam, Becky, Dad and Mom…
I-40, Route 66
Albuquerque, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon
Bakersfield, Tulare
white houses, HOT streets…
trips to the small corner store
lots of swimming at the local pool
31 flavors with Shel
Pismo beach
Lauri's laugh alone
made me laugh then
and still does today.


Three children three marriages
We've lost parents
Our children are beautiful
life didn't turn out
like we thought
Whitley and Smith always
we are halfway through now
regret behind us, wisdom ahead…
Driven one way from the beginning
we can choose now
the direction of the last lap.

true life
is just beginning.

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