Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It IS a beautiful morning...


I get up this morning and I can tell its summer. In Texas.

A little humid, but the birds are singing and its still only 75º (24 Celsius for my UK friends!) at 6:00AM.

Anyway, I made a pot of coffee and went out into the back yard. The grass is green and growing. My grapes are ripening nicely and my blackberries are starting to turn, well, black - or better - a rich purple. (Note to self - time for bird netting on berry plants!) Melissa's onions, corn, squash and tomatoes are coming in well. The jasmine and honey suckle are so aromatic that its overwhelming at this time in the morning. Good coffee. I wander just long enough among the plants to get my toes wet, grass covered and even a bit muddy from watering.

Time to sit on the porch swing.

And I remember. I am praying for friends and family who don't have as laid back a schedule as I do at the moment. My mother has had cataract surgery and ironically my friend Carol is performing cataract surgeries, amongst other things! My dad is recovering from a fall; my sister is getting her art projects done. My friends in Oklahoma have suffered terrible losses. My students are looking for jobs and my daughter is getting ready to graduate high school.

In spite of all the difficulties we face - medical, economic, emotional and spiritual - we live in a world that is governed by God. God give us life and life itself - in the midst of the dirt, setbacks and suffering in our daily 'grind' - is still beautiful. To touch, to feel, to hear, to see, to love is a gift. To cultivate relationships - to rid our world of loneliness - is our general marching order as human beings. To cultivate a relationship with God, who reaches out to us; to cultivate relationships with each other and even with the rest of creation is that for which we were designed.

So I walk in the yard. Pray. Drink coffee.

Coffee is good.

Life is good.

Life is beautiful.


  1. It's awfully good to hear that you are RELAXING and taking life easy, if only for a short while. I feel guilty that you already know that that is my daily life these past 18 years of retirement. I can understand your sentiments totally. Looking forward to July! (You've got a place with us if you should choose)

    Life's Bountiful Blessings,

  2. LeRoy - It always seems like life escapes too fast. We have to train ourselves to slow down and enjoy it before we can no longer truly enjoy it. I've learned in bits and pieces. Today, I've got a bit of running to do, but then its off to Oklahoma for some fun with the folks. Looking forward to seeing you guys in July as well!

  3. Breathe deeply while the breathing is good!