Friday, January 8, 2010

Oatmeal and Apple Dumplings...

I really enjoy the simple pleasures in life - comfortable clothes, hugs from my children, family vacations, a good grilled-cheese sandwich, tomato soup, snowball fights, a cup of coffee and a little quiet time with my Bible and God. Yesterday, I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast - oats, with walnuts, craisins©, raisins, a hint of brown sugar and butter. Tonight, I will make some apple dumplings for the girls. Sometimes, simple things are the best. They comfort us when times are difficult and give balance to our complex world.

Last night I watched as the Longhorns got 'rolled' by the Tide. They made a valiant comeback in the second half, but in their leaderless condition (Colt McCoy was injured in the first 5 minutes of the game) they just could not get on track and the Alabama Crimson Tide took the trophy. As I watched the game with friends, I was amazed at how complex life was for the boys. The spotlight tends to complicate things for us: fans, deals, promotions, television, pro scouts and public expectations tend to make things confusing quickly.

As I watched an injured Colt McCoy wander back with his father from the locker room for the second half, I couldn't help but wonder, "I think he could use an apple dumpling!" But then I bet his mom was thinking something like that too!

Lately, as I have been preparing for school, I've realized how complex we can make our lives. To be honest, I don't like it; as a matter of fact, most people don't like it! Yet in our modern world, complexity evolves quickly from simplicity. That's why I am so thankful every morning that I can sit in my quiet living room with a good cup of coffee and my Bible, and let the Spirit speak to me through scripture. It's simple, its reflective, its edifying and above all, it draws me closer to God. For some reason, the last few days have found me reading in both Psalm 18 and Proverbs 18 - Good, simple stuff that strengthens the heart and feeds the soul.

I pray your weekend will be filled with simple joys and comfortable clothes as you draw closer to God through His Spirit and Word!


  1. So, you're saying you are exerting the effort to slow down a bit. It's interesting how roles reverse. I encouraged you to do that for years and now find myself longing more for the slow lane.

  2. I don't know if I'm intentionally exerting the effort to slow down as much as I am trying to value 'simpler' things. I think my age, body and circumstances are slowing me down. Fine line between the two, I know.